Tyler, the Creator

The singer-songwriter has picked music from the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Lizzo.
The US rapper made fun of the former home secretary over the Home Office stopping him entering the country in 2015.
Including incredible red carpet moments, show-stopping performances and winners making history.
He branded Tyler a "f****t" in a track featured on his latest album.
US rapper Tyler the Creator has been forced to cancel four dates, including Reading and Leeds festivals, after being banned
Girls, if you listen to misogynistic music it just makes it popular so more will get made. If you play those tunes out loud from your phone on the bus, you are saying you are okay with woman-hating. Are you really? Don't justify it by saying you like the tune whilst wilfully ignoring the lyrics.
Yesterday's Observer newspaper presented its pick of 2014's arts releases. One they deemed exciting enough to go on the front page header was Azealia Banks' debut studio album.
Pepsico has been forced to pull an advert after complaints that it was racist and glorified violence against women. The commercial