What is striking though, is the effect that strong, left-wing leadership has had on the current Conservative Government's policies. They have been forced to change their anti-worker policies in reaction to the strong criticism from The Labour Party. Here's five horrific policies that would have passed without people voting Labour.
It is a puzzling aspect of modern politics that the more persistently a minister is entreated to change their mind on an issue, the greater the crowing if he or she does indeed perform an about face.
Whether you're unsure of your own mind, unable to come up with a workable policy, or just keep making mistakes - you'll love
I won't lie. I was starting to give up on humanity. I was feeling generally miserable about recent reports of record amounts of melting ice in the Arctic, Mitt Romney's eternally moronic campaign in the US and our current situation of ever rising economic destruction and damning of human rights by the Coalition.
Chancellor George Osborne has announced that fuel duty will be frozen for the rest of the year, cancelling a planned increase
George Osborne has defended his decision to perform a series of U-turns over measures announced in this year's Budget. The
David Cameron insisted his Government had "resolve, strength and grit" as he defended a string of enforced U-turns on tax
George Osborne has produced another spectacular U-turn by reversing plans to put VAT on pasties and similar varieties of
Come on Mr. Cameron, the Health and Social Care bill is bad; there are better ways to reform the NHS, listen to the health professionals. Abandon the bill; it is a good U-turn that is also likely to improve your party's chances of re-election.
The possibility of a coalition re-think on child benefit for households with a higher-rate taxpayer will arguably be one