Protesters are set to voice their anger at the visit to London of an extreme right-wing Hungarian politician, as activists
UPDATE: Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust told HuffPost UK: “Local Holocaust Memorial
More than 1,000 police officers will be on duty on Saturday to ensure public safety during a demonstration organised by the
As a former trade union member and a working-class Tory, I throw down a challenge to Labour to meet us. If you are a union member and official, get in touch, let's sit down over a pint and discuss how Labour has let you down and how Ukip's policies represent the working classes. I am easy to contact.
Had the anti-fascists spent a minute looking at the BNP protest they would have seen 50 tired, haggard middle-aged men barely worthy of a passing car horn let alone a huge counter demonstration. Some of them could barely string a sentence together. I asked one man waving a flag why he was there. "They're killing our soldiers, aren't they..." He could offer no more by way of reasoning.
Vandals have attacked two war memorials in central London as tensions escalate over the Woolwich attack, which left Drummer
Protesters plan to end the march at Downing St A smaller group of Unite Against Fascism conducted a separate march to protest
Britain must be part of a co-ordinated effort to help defeat far-right and neo-Nazi parties across Europe, like Greece's
The rise of Ukip and the influence of the anti-immigration party on British politics was feverishly analysed at this weekend's
The student journalists didn't control the editorial output. Powers higher up did - higher than the Media Officer himself - and that's a dangerous threat to the freedom of the press.