Britain has no intention of constructing killer robots that can go to war without being under the control of humans, the
While the technology is far from perfect, drone warfare is not only a legitimate and legal weapon but also a necessary one given the circumstances of conflicts these days. For the opposition to suggest it is neither ethical or efficient is both false and naive as no other alternative could adequately achieve the success seen through the use of drones.
The outrage at the civilian drones is to be expected. There's never going to be a new advancement in the government watching people that isn't going to be met with some resistance, I'd put a lot of money on there having been a similar backlash against helicopters or CCTV.
Ashdown appears unbridled by, or wilfully ignorant of, the fundamental issues which make a mockery of his analysis. While he is right to point out that some of the issues which concern people about the growing use of drone warfare are reflected in extant military practices, his conclusions are baffling and misplaced.
Non-military aircraft that fly without pilots will be commonplace in the UK's skies within ten years, it has been claimed
Military drone operators flying deadly aircraft by remote control would be more effective if they were distracted more often
The Ministry of Defence will establish a new technology centre to rapidly design and develop next-generation unmanned drones
Controversial file-sharing website The Pirate Bay has faced more than its share of legal troubles over the past few years