UCAS Clearing

This week is a nerve-wracking time for young people all over the UK. A-level results day will see tens of thousands of sixth
It's that time already: clearing. For many, it will just be another day in the week. Nothing important or out of the ordinary will happen, other than you might catch a glimpse of a scared-stiff teen live on the BBC or ITV opening up their A Level results.
Just like with the exams themselves, you want a fully-functioning brain in case you have to make an important decision regarding your university choices, clearing or taking a year out.
No sooner are you celebrating securing that all important place on your course, you find yourself faced with a host of practicalities to organise. The most pressing of which is making sure you'll have a roof over your head in your new city. While this is exciting, it can undoubtedly be stressful.
Lots of people assume that getting the best marks leads to going to the best universities, and from there to the best jobs
13th August 2015 is the day many 18-year-olds will have been both eagerly awaiting and dreading since finishing their exams
'Clearing', the process that helps university applicants without places find institutions with courses that still have places available, can be one of the most stressful periods in the life of a student... Here are some tips to get you and your student successfully through the process.
It's a scary thought, and we're sorry for bringing it to your attention, but what will you do if you don't get the right
A-Level results day can be one of celebration or commiseration with thousands of students facing the prolonged agony over the coming days of whether they have been able to secure a place at university through the mad scramble often associated with the clearing process.
As the 300,000 A-level students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland received their results, the media was quick to announce the fall in the proportion of A-levels awarded top grades, for the second year running.