UCAS Clearing

If you missed your grades on Thursday, remember to be open-minded and stay positive. I had not considered Greenwich University despite the fact that they offered the ITMB course that I wanted to study and I have had the most amazing three years. I haven't looked back, you have to take the opportunities and challenges life throws at you and turn them in to positives.
I cried a little. My mother cried a lot. My father, ever the pragmatist, just asked what I had to do next. I had no idea. I had a lump in my throat, and I felt ashamed. The only sensible thing seemed to go into school...
Clearing: if you've just missed out on your conditional offer don't worry, call both Universities and see what they say. I would advise you to write four or five bullet points down which you can refer back to when you're on the phone.
Clearing is a system run by UCAS that matches up students to available university places once A-level and Scottish Higher results are released in mid-August. If you have got the grades you expected and have an offer in place, you don't need to worry about clearing.
It's that time of year when students the length and breadth of the country wait with baited breath to hear if they have been successful in attaining the necessary grades to get into the university of their choice. For many, the outcome won't be as they had hoped (or expected), in which case, it's time to turn their attentions to Clearing 2013!
Choosing the right university is never easy. Do you go for a city with good nightlife? A top institution? The best course
So I've heard that this week is the dreaded week when students find out whether or not they got the A-level grades they were after. Scarier than Halloween? Maybe. Sure I think education is super-important, and hopefully the effort you put into your studies will wow the crowd and get you where you want to go. But now I think it's time to tell you a little story about my total complete lack of academic will power. It's this underlying lack of interest in all of the pencils, books, teachers, dirty looks... all of this led me to write a song called School's Out. Maybe you've heard it...
Thousands of students have been left in the dark as to whether or not they have been accepted into their chosen universities
I'd like to share six (rather harsh) choices I suggest your children consider, if they plan to enter Clearing. As George Clooney's character Chris Kelvin (the protagonist in the sci-fi movie Solaris) says: "There are no answers, only choices."