Uefa racism

UEFA has ratified a proposal to impose a 10-match European ban for players and officials found guilty of racism. Racism by
Uefa general-secretary Gianni Infantino has promised 10-match bans and stadium closures if club representatives or supporters
Uefa has advised referees to halt matches should a racist incident occur, pledging their "full support" to such a stand being
Uefa's stance against racism has been condemned again after they fined Serbia less for racist chanting than former Arsenal
Uefa is under pressure to punish Serie A side Lazio after their supporters aired monkey chants at Tottenham Hotspur players
Nicklas Bendtner has been fined a staggering €100,000 by Uefa for dropping his shorts to display sponsored boxers at Euro
Euro 2012 has already been polluted by three separate incidents of racism, involving players from countries as diverse as
Michel Platini, the Uefa president, has confirmed any players who walk off the field of play at the European Championship