A recent altercation I had with a flight attendant exemplified just how little most people understand about neurological diversity.
The hidden disability sunflower lanyards operate in several supermarkets – including Tesco and Sainsbury's – as well as a number of airports.
Campaigners have warned the delays are keeping adults and children from "life-changing" support.
"There was some hesitation getting on but once they were in their seats they actually really enjoyed it."
The store sent three of the same dress in different sizes to the six-year-old, "especially made for Elsie".
I was the angry, hovering mom you dreaded interacting with.
There are guides for being trans and guides for coping with autism, but none for how to deal with living at that intersection, writes journalist Laura Kate Dale
“Absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers.” 💕
Despite being identified as ‘gifted and talented’, my son's only notable progression through primary school was his crippling anxiety – our education system just isn't designed for minds like his and mine.