Helen Wakefield says her son Leo was left "petrified" after Saturday's incident.
I dropped out of school due my autism, mental health conditions and difficulties with friendships and bullying in year eight – and have been playing catch up ever since.
For Autism Awareness Week, HuffPost UK looks at ways to help people on the Autism spectrum feel more comfortable in public spaces. One in 100 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum, with each person having their own unique experience. Some simple steps like being aware of personal space and understanding some behaviours like repetitive physical behaviour can make public spaces more comfortable for people on the spectrum.
I’m at a point now where I simply want him to have a nice day, however that is shaped
An autism meltdown is not your average reality TV temper tantrum
Being highly motivated by food, packaging, patterns and lights, the sensory experience is delicious to both of them
When I saw Christine McGuiness’ video describing a woman complaining about her children’s happy noises and laughter at a soft play centre, it reminded me how my son Brody is treated
Each bag contains a fidget toy, water bottle and ear defenders.