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Around 20,300 fewer people were referred for suspected lung cancer in England since the pandemic began, compared to the same period the year before.
After Fred died, we weren’t forced to watch the world carry on as normal with their happy carefree lives.
The NHS is trialling 'Pill Cams', which take photos and provide a diagnosis within hours.
Before coronavirus turned the whole world upside down, our family’s world turned upside down when Amelie was diagnosed with cancer at just six.
Luke Grenfell-Shaw was diagnosed with cancer at 24 and now he’s cycling 30,000 kilometres on a tandem bike from Bristol to Beijing, to show that everyone can create opportunities for a fulfilled life, despite the odds. He’s sharing the journey with other people and raising £300,000 for five cancer-related charities.
Initially, the testing kits will go to some women aged 25-64 who are 15 months overdue a check.
Fewer than one in five women would book an urgent GP appointment if they experience it.
“Thank you for the love and support, on bad days it helps me so much,” the Girls Aloud star tweeted.
This unique campaign is raising a million pounds for cancer research by encouraging people to get on their wellies, go outside and jump in a puddle. With nearly 40k so far, the founder wants anyone and everyone to get outside and have a go.
Having no one to hold my hand made my appointments even more daunting than before.