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The Trump administration is adding a question about citizenship status to the U.S. census for the first time since 1950. Here’s why that matters.
A third “two-step” option, with separate sex and gender identity questions, was also ruled out.  The authors also recommended
Nearly 114,000 people in Sydney aged 25 to 34 are still living in the family home, in a housing environment of spiralling
People could be asked about their sexuality and gender identity in the next national census, it has been revealed. After
The UK is in the top spot on the Web Foundation's Open Data Barometer, but how transparent are our elections? It turns out, not very.
A landmark report based on census data from 2001 and 2011, the first to ask respondents what religion they practiced, has
The Telegraph's article highlights the similarities between the research industry and the mainstream press - and shows that they can work well together, clearly suggesting that the two disciplines can collaborate in the future for joint betterment...
This graphic shows the changing face of Britain as recorded by every census since 1951. It shows how people from Ireland