If you're struggling with your mental health and the NHS can't help, there are other places to turn.
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In a survey of 2,100 men, one in 10 said they’d experienced suicidal thoughts because of body image issues.
The cast and crew stepped in – "the message was clear: we’ve got you, and you are safe."
Loneliness should be regarded as a “legitimate health risk" in people who have a serious illness, according to a new study.
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Mental health is something that we’re talking about more and more. But in these conversations, we can often hear terms used interchangeably, such as mental health and mental illness. It can be hard to get the language right. So what does the term mental health actually mean? How does it differ from a mental health issue? And when does it become a mental illness?
“The causes of depression in older people, the factors that perpetuate it, and the best ways to manage it remain poorly understood."
Harry, Meghan, William and Kate are backing the platform to help people manage their own mental health. Here's how to get started.
"I couldn’t stop crying. I literally felt like I was going mad."
But the drug was found to ease anxiety, according to the biggest study of its kind.
I'm 25 and coping with the ways depression – and anti-depressants – affect intimacy.
Having more than one mental health problem can be incredibly exhausting. Some days I just don’t want to get out of bed because I’m afraid of how my brain will react to the world around me
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It's mostly used to treat PTSD and aims to help free people of traumatic events in their past.
Guidance needs to reflect patient experience, the Royal College of Psychiatrists said.
"I was thinking: this f**king depression is never going to go, it doesn’t matter what I do, it's never going to go."