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There is orange and black product overload. It is considered normal to buy a plastic pumpkin bucket, a plastic torch or glow stick, an excess of individually packaged sweets and a synthetic skeleton or witch outfit. You may also be tempted by a crazy wig, plastic spiders, face paint and decorations. Just for a few hours of fun.
A dad has created a seriously impressive DIY Star Wars Halloween costume for his son in a wheelchair. Ryan Miller's son Jeremy
Others posted photos of their children's costumes on Twitter, including this toddler in a shark costume, a spiderman and
Yep. Halloween. That time of year where full grown adults with proper jobs and everything dress themselves up as half-sewn, blood-soaked, scantily-clad twats in the name of commercialisation, and consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol in exotic shades of green and orange in the name of All Hallows Eve...
Only in America could I have a chat with my mum over breakfast (she's been dead for 3 years), visited a whaling ship before lunch, driven through an Indian reservation after noon and enjoyed oysters and Prosecco that night. Our half term working holiday is almost too cliché to be believed.
This parent and child duo have won Halloween 2015 with one of the creepiest costumes we've ever seen. When parents dress
It's Halloween time soon and mums are often faced with the annual dilemma of what to do with all the pumpkin flesh we tend to throw away once we've carved out our scary faced pumpkins. The simplest and most beneficial seems to be to eat it so I have pulled together the top five pumpkin baby recipes I have loved making!
The one thing you might not have for this recipe is an edible black pen to draw on the ghosts faces, but a small black icing
A four-year-old boy, who was scheduled to have brain surgery over Halloween, was treated to early spooky street party by