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Growing up, it was tough having a dad who couldn't cook anything more complex than burnt cheese on toast. Which is why when I hooked up with my kitchen beast of a boyfriend, I couldn't help but boast to everyone.
There is something peculiarly British about our love of festivals. Whilst European and American equivalents continue to flourish, the British are almost protective of their festival culture. We are joyous about our weekends of merriment, in which we forge transient friendships and resurrect long forgotten communities.
"Pleasure is the flower that passes. Remembrance the lasting perfume." Jean de Boufflers Family memoriesThere are certain
The real joy of being an imperfect parent is that on those rare occasions when you pull off something perfect - when you haven't had to let anything slip - you appreciate it all the more.
Ah blogging - the gift that keeps on giving ... First you have that *ching* moment when you have an idea for a post, then
We headed off from the pub to collect dad's bike and bought some cheese and chocolate from the Better Food Company. Then we did some more strolling, what with it being a perfect Bristol day and all.
Do you recall the scene in 'The Shining' when the boy says 'RED RUM RED RUM' ? Or how about the bit in 'The Exorcist' when
The holidays are upon us. Very soon hordes of pupils will no longer be schoolchildren, but our own charges waiting for entertainment. What to do with a Summer holiday afternoon? Why, recall an English author's nightmare vision, of course: and return to the scene of his horrific creation.
I am relatively new to twitter, I gave birth to the time and mind consuming entity that is @dom_stevenson on 16 September
Offering a better deal for family care would help make the case for higher spending on social care.