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The Huffington Post's emergence onto the UK media scene could not have come at a better time. With newspapers under fire over phone hacking allegations, public confidence in our media establishment has been well and truly rocked.
The Government are trying to implement pretty modest reforms which will be fairer for taxpayers but still leave teachers with generous provision. If they are going to enjoy generous pensions it is only fair they should pay a bit more of the cost
PRESS ASSOCIATION - The Government's Finance Bill which will enact many of the tax and spending measures announced in Chancellor
From the National Theatre's 'War Horse' to the Neil MacGregor's 'A History of the World in 100 Objects', there have been some incredible highlights in the British art calendar over the past year. But it has also been an incredibly challenging year for everyone who cares about British arts and culture.
A backbench MP is paid to do two things - hold the government to account and vote in a way that is good for the people they represent. The present structures ensure they do neither, and the effect is that decisions taken by a very small number of politicians are subjected to virtually no scrutiny at all.
Liberal Democrats' role in the Coalition Government offers the party a chance to re-define its foreign policy thinking, much as the Orange Book re-defined aspects of its economic thinking.
The Conservatives' struggled to regain the trust of the British public, going through 3 leaders before coming to the now Prime Minister, David Cameron. For Labour, this process is just beginning with projects such as Refounding Labour now underway. Despite the evidence of the previous two governments, this process is not inevitable. Coalitions may be the answer.