uk government

Taxpayers' money has been lavished on questionable PPE contracts, Brexit preparations and other "vanity projects".
Healthcare workers have already suffered a "year of hell", one staff nurse says, as unions warn of industrial action.
"Every online meeting is making a difference," the advert reads. Really, though?
The health minister's comments have been described as "contemptuous" by unions who say proposed award is a "kick in the teeth".
Chancellor facing accusations of “pork barrel politics” after Tory seats, including his own, are prioritised for government funding.
Sturgeon is giving evidence to an inquiry as factional warfare threatens the Scottish independence movement.
There will be a series of large pilot events that take place from April, the government has announced.
Government has accepted recommendations from the JCVI for phase two of the Covid vaccine rollout.
“We know from Donald Trump these kind of assaults on the free press are dangerous," says Labour.