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“We know from Donald Trump these kind of assaults on the free press are dangerous," says Labour.
Schools will reopen to all pupils on March 8 under Boris Johnson's plan to end lockdown restrictions.
The criteria will inform Boris Johnson's government as to when further easing of restrictions can be introduced.
Government "committed" to reopening schools on March 8, foreign secretary says, but he pushed back on backbench calls to end restrictions early.
The government is under fire for giving a lucrative deal to a company run by a couple with multiple links to the Tory party.
Teachers reveal just how bad things are amid lockdown, and how on earth they plan to help kids catch up.
Campaigners say vulnerable communities are slipping through the cracks, meaning the pandemic will keep creeping back.
It was the Good Morning Britain presenter's first interview with the health secretary since her husband was hospitalised with Covid-19.
Hotel quarantine risks being the worst of both worlds: too weak to stop new variants, too strong for tourism jobs, writes Sarah Nickson.
People had previously been told to wait to be contacted for an appointment.