UK Immigration

The topic of immigration appears to have reared its ugly head once more. With party leaders determined to ensure that no stone is left unturned in this season of party conferences, immigration has predictably featured rather heavily.
Immigration laws will be toughened up to prevent foreign criminals using human rights arguments to escape deportation from
If Theresa May feels the current Human Rights Act is inadequate or not fulfilling its purpose, then allow her to make a case for it. I, for one, have full confidence that the values behind the legislation have enough force to hold their ground.
Government policy, not the economy, is the overwhelming driver of immigration to the UK, according to research. Changes to
The debate on immigration should continue but it must be based on facts and evidence rather than ignorance and prejudice.
Immigration is "too high" and people are right to be angry about EU migrants using Britain's benefits system, according to
Why do asylum seekers get such a rough ride in the media? There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding at the heart of the debate which is exploited by certain papers and politicians to trick the British public into thinking things which aren't true.
In August this year the Home Secretary Theresa May announced a raft of legislative proposals that would form another front in the Government's campaign to reduce the total number of immigrants entering the UK.
Recently, John Cleese told an Australian interviewer: "London is no longer an English city... it doesn't feel English." Last
Ministers have been advised to cut the number of non-EU skilled migrants allowed to do specific jobs in the UK. The Migration