UK Immigration

Private security officers removing deportees from the UK showed "a shamefully unprofessional and derogatory attitude" which
I want to be a Merry Englander again, not a little one. The more immigrants we have the merrier, say I.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Liberal Democrat "squeamishness" is in danger of undermining the Government's crackdown on immigration
Net migration to the UK increased last year by more than 20 per cent, official figures show. The Office for National Statistics
Foreigners who took part in last week's riots will be deported to send a tough message to troublemakers, the Standard has
Robert Segwanyi was scheduled for deportation on August 18,  from the United Kingdom's Heathrow airport. The UK was sending Robert back to Uganda, where he was tortured with molten plastic and imprisoned for being gay.
A Ugandan man in Britain who says he is gay and a victim of torture has had his deportation from the UK deferred at the last
In less than 24 hours, more than 2000 people have joined a petition campaign started on calling on the Home Office to halt the deportation of Robert Segwanyi to Uganda, where he was imprisoned and tortured for being gay.
The Australian government recently resorted to using YouTube to deter asylum seekers from attempting to enter Australia illegally
Politicians and journalists alike have been left scrambling to explain the motives behind this week's rioting to a baffled