UK Immigration

Refugees are pushing harder and harder to reach safety in this pandemic – and yet the UK still wants to send people back.
Meditating helped me find my path and voice while in detention. Returning to it now is helping me accept the things I cannot control in this pandemic.
Despite risking my life working for the NHS during the pandemic, rules put in place by my own government mean I don’t earn enough to have my husband here.
Covid-19 has drawn attention to the deeply problematic nature of defining individuals on their economic value, Timi Sotire writes.
PM says he "will see what we can do to help" during coronavirus crisis, as opposition parties describe comments as "astonishing" and "worrying".
Home secretary says ministers keep "everything under review" as she also faced questions on automatic visa extensions for carers.
Minimum income requirement means many risking their lives during the coronavirus outbreak do not earn enough to bring their partners to the UK.
As wedding season approaches, couples across the country have had to cancel their nuptial plans, putting their entire lives on hold.
The NHS is under unprecedented strain as the global coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people. The NHS is nothing without its staff, many of whom are migrants and we spoke to some of them to find out how the pandemic is affecting them and how it might be changing our appreciation of the work they do.
"This does feel very unfair to care workers given that the deaths in care homes now are rising substantially," Yvette Cooper says.