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This is a shower set-free zone, folks (All dads can breathe a sigh of relief).
Some wondered if the woman in the TikTok was trolling – but in an interview with HuffPost, she assured us she wasn't.
No socks, drills or beer brewing kits here (because dads deserve better).
Hospitalisations have risen 84% in five years – with boys and young men increasingly impacted.
The consequences of the defamation trial seem to have got lost in the media circus. But it could have a very chilling impact on domestic violence survivors.
A viral Twitter thread reveals the knowledge gap on sex, periods and more – even as many men act to regulate women's bodies.
An employment tribunal has ruled that calling men 'bald' is sexual harassment.
In a series of portraits, this photographer asked Black sons to speak about their beloved mums.
"Stuart’s experience of being diagnosed was very similar to ours."