UK Mental Health

It's natural for your mood to fluctuate - everyone feels a little down sometimes. But when that low mood persists for days or weeks, you may be suffering from depression. Here are five of the most helpful strategies I have found for clients suffering from the condition.
'Many children are suffering,' said Dilma Modesto, a Guarani health agent from Brazil. 'I want the children to be as they
When I was first diagnosed with depression, my parents encouraged me to keep it a secret and made it clear they did not want other friends or family members to find out. This made me feel alone and ashamed of how I felt.
To enable people with mental health problems to lead full and productive lives, we need a revolution in care and treatment.
The media seems to take great delight in scaring the hell out of us at the moment. Every time I glance at a newspaper headline
It's October, so as you would expect (or not) modelling balloon enthusiasts are twisting out poodles and squeaking swords
PA -- Stress has become the main cause of long-term sickness absence for the first time across British industry, a new study
A churchgoer ripped out his own eyes during a service in northern Italy, it has been reported. Doctors operated on Aldo Bianchini
If you are not familiar with Ayurveda, the elements and doshas here is a very quick introduction: Ayurveda - and Yoga - believes everything is made out of five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A singing coach who worked with failed X Factor contestant Ceri Rees has accused show bosses of "exploiting