uk property market

Nothing the government said in the Budget will aid the housing market. A toothless bunch, the market has recovered through hard work and honest advice from estate agents, not the policies or schemes that the government has introduced in recent years.
We need to re-think how we view property. So here's a thought for 2013 - why don't we stop focusing on capital growth and see property instead as a potential income generator?
I am by no means an economist (and I have the utmost respect for those foolhardy enough to be so at this time), but as an independent online estate agent, I like to look at the market myself and see what I can decipher from the tangle of predictions for the year ahead.
More than 1.6 million people aged between 20 and 40 are living with their parents because they cannot afford to rent or buy
Four in 10 people living in rental accommodation cannot afford to save anything for a deposit to buy their own home, as high
House prices increased by 0.2% during this month, but the rise was only driven by London and the South, a study said on Monday
House prices have recorded a monthly fall of 1%, as the ending of a first-time buyer stamp duty concession is likely to have
The housing market has seen a "surprisingly strong" spring bounce after sellers upped their asking prices by the highest
A survey for Channel 4 has found that nearly three-quarters of the British public believe there to be a housing crisis in
Since when did property ownership take the place of working for a living? Why did we allow ourselves to believe that property values could only ever go up, and quickly at that? And have we, in the process, allowed ourselves to lose sight of the real meaning of home?
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- House prices continued to "tread water" last month with a 0.1% rise, mortgage lender Nationwide has
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A rise in mortgage arrears and negative equity in the north of Britain have been blamed on the UK's
House prices rose by 0.2 per cent in July, according to figures from Nationwide. The survey paints an uncertain picture of
Unsold properties have reached record highs in the UK as asking property prices fall, a new report has found. For the first
Readers of the Daily Express are treated to regular front pages on the fact that there's only one way house prices can go and it is upwards, and that is always news to be celebrated. Hooray!