A survey for Channel 4 has found that nearly three-quarters of the British public believe there to be a housing crisis in
What should I be doing to prepare and reduce the effects of the recession? When I go to the coffee shop should I downgrade from a vente to a grande? Should I abandon the coffee shop altogether as an excessive pleasure and drink granulated coffee at home?
It took three years, but Howard Raymond has finally got his kingdom. The son of Paul Raymond, the real estate magnate, club
Cohabitation agreements were in place before the recent ruling. Recording your intentions and those of your partner might seem unromantic, just as prenuptial agreement might seem cold and contractual to some. However, they have the potential to assist the often unpleasant picking apart of a relationship that can inflame already raw emotions.
As the globe reels from the uprisings around the world, and the rulers of each country affected are accused of corruption
A few minutes walk from High Street Kensington, One Campden Hill is firmly in wax jacket and Barbour territory. Next door
The government must find new sources of finance to fund the construction of 250,000 new homes per year, if it is to solve
When the hammer went down a few weeks ago, there were audible gasps at the packed auction house, although I think the biggest gasp of shock was from the new home owner himself.
Mike Malloy, 26, is the proprietor of Martin and Co, a franchised estate agent in Wanstead, North East London. Over the last
Nancy Dell'Olio plans to sue her former partner for a financial settlement intended to recognise their decade-long relationship. Does she have a case against Eriksson?