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Kitchen Hero opens with one of the most useful introductory elements that I have read for a long time. It contains lots of information and is a great resource to have for using seasonal, well priced produce.
This is no ordinary cookbook review, because Mugaritz is no ordinary cookbook. For those not familiar with the name, Mugaritz is one of the highest ranked restaurants in the world and is famous for its innovative, stylish and scientific food led by genius chef Andoni Luis Aduriz.
Eat London 2 - Terence Conran and Peter Prescott Octopus Publishing - 2012 Photography - Lisa Linder Eat London 2 is mostly
My Kind of Cooking - Mark Sargeant Quercus - 2011 Photography: Emma Lee The introduction of 'My Kind of Cooking' states Sargeant's
Tea With Bea - Bea Vo / Bea's of Bloomsbury Ryland Peters and Small - 2011 Photography: Kate Whitaker I spent six years living
The introduction to this new cookbook is brief but well written - which is fitting as the main food philosophy is that simple is best. 'Food You Can't Say No To' is designed to be a series of dishes that can be cooked simply and often to become a part of your everyday repertoire.
Adventures With Chocolate - Paul A. Young Kyle Books - 2012 Photography: Anders Schønnemann The introduction to 'Adventures
Lipstick colours take a bit of playing around with. Obviously much depends on skin tone and lip shape. It's fun to experiment with colours, and make up styles. For anyone who enjoys wearing make up, it seems a shame to use the same products, and colour palettes day after day.
Dock Kitchen Cookbook - Stevie Parle Quadrille - April 2012 Photography: Toby Glanville This cookery book is split into seasons
The Good Table is a very entertaining cookbook with some outstanding recipes. The introduction is well written and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it although I suspect that may, at least in part, be because Warner and I share an almost identical outlook on food and cooking.