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From today, companies within the adult entertainment industry will be able to bid for a new domain name, the suggestive .xxx
I ordered the first Martini of the day just after 2pm - I was first to arrive at our table for ten. We always seem to go to the same restaurant in Soho and noone knows why - the food is over-priced and just shy of mediocre, and they always try and stick us at the back so we don't annoy everyone else.
For my generation, travel is what sex was to the teenagers of the 60s. We think we invented it. We ignore the evidence that people have been at it for centuries and in an array of inventive positions using balloons and elephants.
The film Friends with Benefits, an American rom com starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, starts with the premise that we are now at a point in time where women and men can enjoy casual sex equally.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Neanderthal nookie thousands of years ago boosted the health of the human race, scientists believe. Sex
The recession has been dubbed the Mancession because more men than women have been financially affected by it. But, despite
The appeal of danger to the public (particularly the younger sections of it) is among the oldest weapons in the marketing and publicity arsenal.
Researchers at the University of Montreal were unable to carry out a study comparing the views of men who had never watched
Middle-aged Britons are risking their health in summer holiday romances, according to a survey by the Co-operative Pharmacy
According to a new survey, 76 per cent of women are more inclined to get busy between the sheets if they think it will burn