UK Suicide

Austerity Bites: 'I don’t know how anyone could be expected to live on that amount of money.'
He was filmed doing a loop-the-loop before hitting the ground.
After a month of being missing, he was found and he was classed as a suicide victim
If we’re going to start accepting mental health in-line with physical health, then we need find the same pathways
As temperatures soar, we see increasing levels of anger, leading to more conflict and argument
Up to 600 people a year are found dead after going missing - the most common cause being suicide
Police said the man, Sdimi Ngwane, randomly opened fire at a busy intersection before turning the gun on himself.
Inspectors say the prison is not safe enough for vulnerable inmates.
Another week, we might be discussing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s alarming new suicide report in abstract terms.
Suicide isn't just someone else's problem, it's everyone's problem.