UK Suicide

29 years ago next month, the boy I loved took his own life. If 13 Reasons Why had been around all those years ago my recovery would have been easier
A bereaved father who attended our PTSD group told me that a few days after his son took his own life, a letter came through the door offering him his first psychological therapy appointment
"I don’t have any one magic answer that explains why we’re seeing this."
By highlighting the potentially toxic effect of keeping things bottled up, we hope Aidan’s story will encourage people to reach out
I think this story line is important and has been beautifully portrayed
'My heart continues to break reading what you have all been through.'
I almost talked myself out of a great job simply because I couldn’t believe that people could accept me after everything that’s happened
Patients showed 'significant improvement' just four hours after using it.
Patients showed 'significant improvement' just four hours after using it.
Their prevailing creed was: If you don’t believe us, you must be in league with them.
Each one of the 84 sculptures represents a real life lost to suicide each week in the UK.
Each episode will be preceded by a video message from the cast.
'Everyone who loved him knew. None of us found an answer, none of us saved him.'
Vicky Cornell believes the anxiety medication her husband took affected his judgment the night of his death.
'I am saying don’t be frightened of using that word.'
Both had received their matric results via SMS on Friday.
Depression and suicide are real – even if you're disappointed, your reaction can have a lasting impact.