UK Suicide

It's embarrassing when people do something extreme, like committing suicide. It disturbs the order. It tells us all that the systems don't work. It's an affront to management, an intrusion of an alternative reality where people placed under intolerable stresses really do crack up.
Solicitor Vincent Buffoni threw himself in front of a tube because he could "no longer afford to send his children to private
People still don't understand enough about depression, even now with all the blogs, the websites and the famous faces associated with it. Some of the most brilliant, funny, wonderful people I know are crippled by depression and it's a hideous waste.
Last Thursday, I wrote a blog about attending a Symposium at Lincoln University. This Monday, I wrote a blog about being
A police officer has been sacked after he failed to help report serious crimes including rape, domestic abuse and a suicide
'Many children are suffering,' said Dilma Modesto, a Guarani health agent from Brazil. 'I want the children to be as they
The jury has returned a verdict: Raoul Moat committed suicide. He gave a lot of reasons during his final hours. One of them was having no dad. He knew nothing about his dad, apart from maybe a first name. His birth certificate listed no father and he told people his dad was from France. He wasn't.
Untold column inches will rightly be expended this week marking the release twenty years ago of Nirvana's epoch-defining and cosmos-transforming album Nevermind. Rather more inches, I'm willing to bet, than were given over to World Suicide Prevention Day last week.
For now at least, I don't think that Call-Me-Dave will have MI5 on my tail but, if I ever did submit to the Cat o' Nine Tails, I'm sure there'd be plenty of internet 'pirates' in line who wouldn't pull-their-punches !!
"A desperate man who lined up three kitchen knives before stabbing himself twice in the heart, blamed cuts in housing benefit