5. Your TV Will Be Powered By Apple OK look, we know. Experience, common sense and the usually reliable rule of ignoring
Feeling that we must stay connected is now impacting on our sex lives according to results from The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal). As laptops and mobile devices make their way into the bedroom their owners are enjoying less sex than a decade ago.
Ultimately, a dependable infrastructure and technology-focused approach are vital foundations upon which a megacity will build itself, which could prove critical to a nation's economy and GDP. Without the infrastructure or technology, the potential for GDP growth may be limited.
Researchers taught us a huge amount of interesting and important things about science, technology, space, gadgets and ourselves
People want to try something new and when it comes to games such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, quite frankly, people are just bored of playing missions about Americans braver than Chuck Norris saving the world within six hours of gameplay.
'Ransomware' Trojans, as the name suggests, are designed to directly extort money from their victims. They may block access to a computer's file system, or encrypt data that's stored on it and then ask for a payment to release the data.
We put a lot of effort into our festive celebrations. Food, drink, family, friends and presents all come together (hopefully) to make the big day a special occasion. But one thing I often leave until the last minute is planning how to get there.
About this time last year, I was talking with a couple of colleagues about some of their most pressing business challenges and opportunities. The ones that might not be the focus of their work today, but that sometimes keep them up at night; plus changes they saw coming in education and wanted to be a part of and, more importantly, accelerate.
10 years ago, Youtube was just distant thought in its founders heads. It now has over a billion users and almost 15 million videos about cats. Not only is it making cats well famous, but it is changing the way people watch film and is opening up the world of filmmaking to people who couldn't have got there before.
The world has changed and I am thrilled by the possibility of young children being taught to code. Living in a technologically advanced domestic environment is all part of the fun and I firmly believe that being fully immersed in digital is good for kids.