UK Weather

Temperatures across large parts of Britain are increasing and could peak at 27C this week, forecasters have said. High pressure
Long range forecaster James Madden from Exacta Weather...expects "December, January and February to experience below average temperatures, with the heaviest snowfalls occurring within the time frame of November to January across many parts of the UK".
The tail-end of Hurricane Katia has battered the UK coastline as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean. We've captured some of the
Should us weather obsessed Brits be worried? Well yes, to be honest. This ex-hurricane is potent and currently blowing gusts of 60-70mph over Scotland and North Wales, stronger winds have been measured over exposed hills.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Northern parts of the UK are expected to be battered by severe gales and storms as the remnants of Hurricane
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- This summer is set to be Britain's coolest in nearly 20 years, the Met Office has said. The mean temperature
What may be less well-known is that each region of the world has their own list of names for hurricanes and tropical storms which crop up in that area; and it's interesting to see how the names chosen reflect the cultures of the areas in which they fall.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The final day of the Bank Holiday break is expected to offer some respite from the downpours that marred
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The soggy bank holiday weather is set to continue with more downpours expected to drench holidaymakers
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Wars and civil conflict are more likely to happen when people feel the heat, a study has shown. A naturally