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Zara Phillips with Mike Tindall at the Sport Industry Awards in May this year. Photo: Neil Mockford/Getty Images It looks
Vivienne Westwood hints that Kate Moss will design her own wedding dress when she marries jamie Hince in July. Photo: Getty
Royal souvenirs for republicans. Photo: Lydia Leith Feeling queasy at the thought of the Royal Wedding? Perhaps the idea
Manolo Blahnik's design for Kate Middleton's wedding shoes. Photo: news As the speculation over Kate Middleton's
Is this the Alexander McQueen dress that Kate Middleton will rock at the royal wedding? We hope so! Photo: PA First it was
Photo: Ashley Rose via Green Wedding Shoes The lowdown: Jen Campbell launched Green Wedding Shoes to share her love of great
I blame Nearly Married Friend for my wedding-blog addiction (nearly married because her wedding was due in December, and
You could say it was music that brought The Rock Star and I together - so who'd have thought that planning the wedding playlist
Last weekend, the dress hunt was cranked up a notch, ie I actually got away from my computer and into the real world to try
Grandmother's 80th birthday a few weeks back and, in a chocolate-cake-and-wine stupor, decided to deconstruct (read: break