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A Muslim charity has helped collect more than 23,000 coats and other items of clothing to help vulnerable people around the
There are 65 million displaced people in the world right now.
With sales everywhere you look and fast-lanes in shopping centres facilitating a shopping frenzy, the festive period has
A hospital worker has shared a genius hack for helping children with cancer feel less alone while undergoing radiotherapy
This could be a powerful new weapon in fighting the disease.
In the fight against cancer, one of the most important things scientists can understand is how the disease moves so they
In a year in which we have experienced the highest number of terror attacks and seen what evil can do, our 19th annual Awards was a chance to come together and celebrate the very best of Britain. Those modest unsung heroes in every community who go the extra mile to make a difference.
You would be surprised at how far receiving a letter of love can go in comforting someone.
Here's the thing. I'm proud of my scars. They aren't all of me, but they make me, if that makes any sense to you readers. I have never let my (many) illnesses define me in my very short life, and I never will. I am not my tumour, my infections or obstructions. They are just things that have happened to me.