UKBA deportations

Until recently, I confess that I hadn't given much thought to the plight of the asylum seekers. I had listened to, and believed, the facts and figures drip fed to us by the media, and if I'm honest, was of the mindset that they jumped the housing queue and benefits system ahead of us more deserving Brits.
Compassion and immigration control have appeared as unreconcilable concepts since Theresa May's appointment as Home Secretary. Ever since she took office in 2010, Ms. May has appeared determined to respond to the tabloids' cries that the UK is letting in too many immigrants.
For many UK universities it is now International welcome week, a period where our centres of Higher and Further education have an opportunity to impress those students travelling in from all over the world whilst helping them feel at ease in their strange new environment.
This was the chant of hundreds of staff, students and union representatives who took to the streets of London today. They were there to rally outside the Home Office with the purpose of contesting UKBA's decision to revoke London Metropolitan's licence to sponsor international students.
In our era of no-choice austerity, we are often told that politicians are obliged to make tough decisions, but some governments are setting new standards in callousness and inhumanity in their attempts to put their country's finances in order.