To the discerning film fan the modern multiplex can be a depressing and woefully uninteresting place to quench one's thirst for cinematic pleasures. Filled as it so often is with unrelentingly banal and superficial Hollywood spectacles that fail to even be the simplistic fireworks displays that they appear to promise to be.
Based upon the autobiographical novel of Latif Yahia, a body double for Saddam Hussein's son Uday Hussein during the late
The creative process can be brutal. To make a sentence the right words must be hunted, like thieves in the night.
I imagine that most people have a DVD collection similar to mine. It's a right mixture; literally next to each other on the shelf, you will find a critically acclaimed movie, like Million Dollar Baby, beside something fun and frivolous, like Minority Report. One thing is certain, though; whether it's an Oscar winner or a summer blockbuster, every DVD has earned its place on my shelf. Limitless is no different.
The Devil's Double Starring:Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier Director: Lee Tamahori Rating: 4/5 If, like me, you have a perception
Ayoade has once again shown himself to be as fine behind the camera as he is in front (excluding perhaps the deeply unfunny The IT Crowd and the misjudged Marenghi spin-off Man to Man with Dean Learner), and with his feature debut has produced a dark, sensitive and at times hilarious exploration of small town teenage existence.
The Replacements itself is mediocre, but when it comes to fun-filled Saturday film nights at home there is no other film that unites the disparate group of argumentative twits that I live with.
Part-psychological thriller, part-melodrama and part-body horror, Almodóvar's 18th feature 'The Skin I Live In' is perhaps the director's most thematically pure, a clinical dissection and consequent post-mortem of his own fascination with the disintegration of gender, the elegance (and repulsive) nature of humankind and bodily transformation.
Nazis.  When it comes to baddies, you just can't beat 'em.  Marvel's third outing of the summer tells the story of Steve
It's a tricky job keeping children amused at the best of times and now that the summer holidays have started, filling the next six weeks with interesting and entertaining activities is a challenge faced by parents all over the country. Fortunately, Batman Live will be touring the whole of the UK and Ireland (Dublin) this summer - a spectacular holiday treat for all the family.
It's been a busy few days for Tom Hardy. Whilst filming The Dark Knight Rises this week he has also apparently signed on to play pop culture's favourite prohibition era Mafioso Al Capone in what looks set to become a trilogy's worth of life story. With his Hollywood future becoming more and more assured with every passing day and the conclusion of the Batman franchise set for release in 2012, Hardy's role as chemically enhanced super-villain Bane should surely help cement him as one of Hollywood's most unlikely leading men.
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning's infamous line is "Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not". This is a sentiment we are all well versed in. I once said it to a PE teacher who chastised me for being 'boring and slow'. You said it to your parents as a temperamental teen. Or to a friend who called you names for liking the wrong things.