Harrison was diagnosed with Duchenne on January 25th 2011, a day we will never forget. Hearing those words, 'no cure', and 'prepare yourself for the fact that you will bury your son' flips your whole world upside down.
Women who use a vaginal ring or skin patch as contraceptive methods are more at risk of a blood clot compared to those who
There's no escaping the buggers. 52% of us have them, the remaining percentage are drawn to them like doe-eyed panting puppies are to Pedigree Chum. They're suckled, jiggled, pushed up, strapped down, enhanced, deflated, the subject of envy, lust, pride, embarrassment and manipulation.
A 'wonder' diet pill that promises to suppress appetite without causing nasty side effects, has been developed by scientists
Research into a rare genetic disorder of the pancreas may speed up progress towards stem cell treatments for diabetes, according
The more a person drinks the more likely they are to have unprotected sex, according to new research. Experts found that
The cost of diagnosing and treating cancer patients may rise by nearly two thirds over the next decade, a report has found
A new pill promises to eradicate all the symptoms of a hangover in just 15 minutes. The 'Blowfish' hangover pill claims it
Following a strict diet for just two days a week, instead of constantly calorie counting, is a far more effective way of
People in Northern Ireland have a lower risk of developing some cancers than residents in the Republic, a major cross-border