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Ukip's Croydon carnival, which ended in carnage on Tuesday before Nigel Farage had even arrived, had a breakout star as the
Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on the ongoing Ukip racism row and today's European elections? On the Croydon 'carnival of colour' and Nigel Farage's fondness for Romanians? Here's the political week in 60 seconds. Don't forget to vote!
Godfrey Bloom, the outspoken MEP who had the Ukip whip withdrawn after jokingly calling a roomful of women "sluts", has made
A video report from Tuesday's wildly successful Ukip carnival in Croydon - from none other than Sir Ian Bowler MP (aka Nathaniel
Here are the five things you need to know on Wednesday 21 May 2014... 1) DRUMMED OUT They planned a 'carnival of colour' in
A mini street festival in Croydon organised by Ukip erupted on Tuesday afternoon with protesters besieging the event with
A Ukip politician has said Nigel Farage should be forgiven for failing to turn up to his own party's 'carnival' in Croydon
Ukip held a 'carnival' in Croydon on Tuesday afternoon. And it was as good an idea as it sounds. From the steel band who
The Ukip carnival, intended to rebuff allegations of racism, ended in carnage before Nigel Farage had even arrived - with