ukip conference

Ukip thinks Germany's AfD isn't far-right. They seemed to learn this from a 'left wing Huffington Post' article I wrote, which was read out at conference as proof the AfD is perfectly sensible. Here's why I disagree.
To think Ukip will disappear after the referendum is to fundamentally misunderstand the appeal of Ukip. What unites the party and attracts millions of voters is not only a hatred of the EU, but a fierce, relentless, and at times blinkered, patriotism.
While the Ukip "political earthquake" was not as devastating as Nigel Farage predicted, the earth moved for one fan today
This is not merely a shallow populist and reactionary revolution, but a revolution with deep thought, based on the right political philosophy. This is the only way Ukip can distinguish itself from the current establishment - whereas if they start playing the same political game as the rest, it will do them no favours.
Migrants that are accepted to enter Britain should be self-sustaining. Under a Ukip-supported government they would not be able to claim any type of benefit within their first five years here. They would also have to prove before entry that they have private health insurance. We believe that migrants have to pay in before the government pay out.
Not content with saying a room-full of women were "sluts", Ukip charmer Godfrey Bloom did this to Channel 4 journalist Michael
Ukip leader Nigel Farage insisted the party could win votes from across the political spectrum as he rallied activists on