Ukip councillors

Most people in Britain have admitted that they have a problem with people who have 'Ukip features'. "There's absolutely no
Mackinlay on the campaign trail Ukip scoffs at such accusations, with a spokesman telling HuffPost UK that Farage has been
Ukip's Douglas Carswell became its first elected MP after winning the Clacton by-election last week, securing a majority
A Ukip councillor in Cambridgeshire has sparked controversy by claiming that obese and badly-educated poor people are "very
Voters should be given the right to stop Britain going to war and put a halt to major controversial projects such as HS2
Within the storm of normalised homophobia UKIP have created, it is easy to forget the thousands of young LGBT people who are yet to 'come out'. A sixteen year old Christian who is coming to terms with being gay is likely to be severely affected by the comments made by UKIP councillors, particularly when using the Bible as a platform for hate. This needs to change and it should not be used as a tool to endorsing a discriminatory political agenda.
Over many years, British politics has thrown up a number of anomalies. Perhaps that's the nature of politics - a business in which perception can often seem more important than reality - but it can take generations before a sense of perspective is reached.
Labour will not buckle to populism and take an imitative stance on immigration, regardless of Ukip's recent victories at
Ukip has been forced to sack one of its newly-elected councillors only six days after sweeping to impressive gains in the
UPDATE: Newly-elected councillor Dave Small was sacked by Ukip on Wednesday evening for "clearly bringing the party into