ukip manifesto

It's not normally much of an ask to insist a party leader reads his own manifesto. But it's something Ukip's Nigel Farage
Despite his protestations, ordinary Nige has been a part of the establishment most of his adult life. Will he be victorious in his bid to take working class voters with him and ensure that the 2015 election is as focused on immigration and the EU as it is on the economy and NHS? Well this Clacton charade should give us half a clue, but the landslide victory predicted may well be the zenith of his party's popularity and not its launchpad to General Election success. Like many working class Labour supporters who see Nige for what he really is, I will be watching with great interest.
Nigel Farage called Ukip's 2010 manifesto "drivel". His ex-policy chief who drew it up called it "respectable". Either way
There is no country without crime, but statistically the crime rate in Romania is one of the lowest across the whole of Europe. According to the Metropolitan Police cooperation with Romania is one of the most efficient they have in Europe... The Ukip nationwide poster campaign claiming that "the UK opened doors to unlimited numbers of people from Romania and Bulgaria" and "an open-door to crime" is, in fact, an open-door to hate. I hope reason will prevail.