Speaking after him on the same show, George Osborne tore into Ukip's "chaotic" immigration policy and Farage's "novel approach
The website used to have some very Ukippy poetry... A Ukip spokesman told the Huffington Post UK that he "laughed" on finding
Even Nigel Farage's fiercest critics admit he is a formidable presence in Ukip. The eurosceptic leader has repeatedly mused
Bashir has insisted that allegations levied against him are "nonsense", adding: "They [Ukip] don't want my defection to be
The communities spokesman for Ukip has defected to the conservative Party. Amjad Bashir, who represents Yorkshire and the
A Ukip general election candidate has come under attack over a leaflet which suggests benefit claimants should be banned
Nigel Farage was at the centre of a leak crisis today after a string of embarrassing admissions from Ukip's ruling executive
Ukip's policy chief has been forced to resign after reportedly failing to finish the party's election manifesto on time. Tim
Chuka Umunna has accused Ukip of offering a "road to decline" and ultimately a "dead-end" in its stance towards the European
Mick Gee and Alwyn Helmer's campaign got bogged down in accusations of homophobia as he had questioned the existence of "homophobia