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She's gone. Ukip expelled Janice Atkinson on Monday evening. The MEP was kicked out after her chief of staff was filmed apparently
Nigel Farage has been awkwardly undermined by his own migration spokesman after saying the party would ban immigrants with
Speaking after him on the same show, George Osborne tore into Ukip's "chaotic" immigration policy and Farage's "novel approach
With Ukip facing ever more scrutiny in the run up to the 2015 general election, Nigel Farage has been battling to show off
Senior Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe has suggested that he could stand to succeed Nigel Farage as leader of the party, describing
Nigel Farage was at the centre of a leak crisis today after a string of embarrassing admissions from Ukip's ruling executive
However, despite stressing his opposition to handing control of the NHS to "faceless private-sector companies", Farage has
Ukip's policy chief has been forced to resign after reportedly failing to finish the party's election manifesto on time. Tim
Ukip officials have hatched a plan to put any yolkers off chucking eggs at their offices in Cardiff South and Penarth, by
Much to his own horror BBC reporter Nick Robinson was unwittingly pictured posing with Britain First's deputy leader yesterday