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Speaking after him on the same show, George Osborne tore into Ukip's "chaotic" immigration policy and Farage's "novel approach
Almost half of Ukip's supporters declare themselves to be 'racially prejudiced', yet the majority say they are inherently
A Ukip parliamentary candidate in Wales has resigned after supporting a message by the British National Party calling gay
Ukip candidate Nathan Garbutt He told the Daily Mirror: “She was a larger girl and most of the time she was talking about
Mackinlay on the campaign trail Ukip scoffs at such accusations, with a spokesman telling HuffPost UK that Farage has been
After being forced to quit as a Ukip general election candidate over offensive remarks about "poofters" and "chinkys", Kerry
Mick Gee and Alwyn Helmer's campaign got bogged down in accusations of homophobia as he had questioned the existence of "homophobia
Ukip MEP Nathan Gill, who admitted employing "dozens" of migrants, risks further political embarrassment after one of his
Ukip faced further embarrassment today over revelations that one of its new elected MEPs employed "dozens" of Eastern Europeans
Labour will not buckle to populism and take an imitative stance on immigration, regardless of Ukip's recent victories at