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They are not only subjecting a people traumatized by Stalinist violence to new threats and backdoor deportations. They are showing an implicit disdain for, and testing the limits of, a tradition of Muslim non-violence and political moderation that the world needs to support and understand today.
Russia has been turfed out of the G8 group of industrialised nations over its actions in Crimea. The suspension is effective
Shot were fired and stun grenades were thrown as Russian troops stormed the Ukrainian-held Belbek air force base in Crimea
Russian forces have invaded Ukraine, according to the Foreign Ministry in Kiev, with troops taking control of the village
Ahead of Sunday’s referendum of the secession of Crimea, tens of thousand of Ukrainian and Russian demonstrators have gathered
A United Nations envoy has been chased out of Crimea after being confronted by an angry crowd waving Russian flags. According