It's a tricky ask to make dirty nappies and crying babies an interesting Monday night viewing subject - but the Young Apprentice
Ben Fowler was fired from this week's Young Apprentice after his team failed on the baby and mother task. Here he tells all
Ben Fowler has become the second teenager to be kicked off the Young Apprentice 2011 after the boys lost for the second week
Downton Abbey last night saw Sir Richard Carlisle in unusually reflective mood, telling the Earl of Grantham: "When the war
For anyone who is slightly uncomfortable with animals or the way they are treated in captivity, Louis Theroux's America's
There are many fine film, theatre, TV, games, music, fashion and food critics. Make your own list of the popular arts and take your pick. But do we need some more of those independent-minded souls who stand back a bit from the fray?
With the exception of Christmas, general elections and Eurovision, summer holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. And as is usually the case, there's nothing that underlines the "we are having a good time" vibe better than television. At one point, summer morning television was a big deal. But now, nobody seems arsed.
The new series of Dragons' Den began a few days before Duncan Bannatyne turned Twitter vigilante, offering £50k to anyone who could capture and mildly maim a mysterious Russian who'd threatened his daughter. After that, wondering whether a guy with a device to combat toilet splash-back would persuade the Dragons to invest didn't seem quite so dramatic.
British comedy that parents and children can watch and enjoy together has been a dying art form for over two decades.
Switching over from the news to watch the start of a story that looks set to consider the way the police, the media and the government interact feels right. Despite taking place in 1956, just on the cusp of Suez, the series has fortuitously arrived as the country is gripped by another crisis of government. Meanwhile, featuring a collection of 'misfits' who would, like the current cast of Glee, easily rule any normal high school with their bright white smiles and perky charm, The Glee Project is frighteningly positive.
Another day, another press release announcing a new series heading to Sky Atlantic. Last month the channel announced they were taking cult favourite Nurse Jackie off BBC Four's hands. It's the latest in a longish list of acquisitions from other channels, Sky's wallet proving too big for the rest of the UK terrestrial broadcasters to compete with. And I say let Sky have them.