Former Tory MP Edwina Currie has become the first celebrity to waltz off Strictly Come Dancing. After getting a low score
The fact is, no one ever said this was going to be a talent show in its truest sense. If it was, we'd be so bored. Imagine sitting through a talent show resembling something like a Year 10 school production.
It sounds like the plotline from a made-for-TV B movie, but Nancy Dell’Olio fears she is the victim of a wardrobe sabotage
Cheryl Cole, James Corden and the stars of Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor all came together last night to honour
BBC bosses have ordered Strictly's professional dancers to tone down their raunchy routines for early evening viewing. Executives
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Strictly star Audley Harrison has promised a "sensitive" performance on this weekend's show despite
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Robbie Savage, Alex Jones and other Strictly Come Dancing contestants are to put their weeks of intensive
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Holly Valance's Strictly Come Dancing partner has admitted they aren't putting enough effort into their
ROBBIE Savage has admitted that being on Strictly Come Dancing is already putting a strain on his marriage — insisting: "It's
One of the BBC’s biggest stars has publically broken ranks over the co-operation’s multi-million pound move by claiming it