Yessssssss!!!!!! I'm so happy. Simon Cowell has taken a great positive cultural step. He has banned X Factor contestants from talking about their "journey". How I have longed for this day.
Finger clicking Christopher started the ball rolling this week. Yes he is still standing. Good on yer man. Why not enjoy it. The public must like him, as he keeps coming back.
Dermot O'Leary doesn't fancy his chances of replacing Steve Jones on the US version of The X Factor. And the TV host admitted
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- X Factor reject Amelia Lily said her elimination from the show felt like "having your heart ripped out
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The top finisher on the US version of X Factor is set to have a very big win. Besides a recording contract
Oh the X Factor audition process. Great singers. Average singers. Sob stories. People of society who smell of cats