ulcerative colitis

With World IBD Day fast approaching (it's on May 19th) here are 15 things that your doctor doesn't tell you about IBD (but really, really should!)
The stories that feature in the media lately range from the dangerous misinformed to the intentionally comical (at least that's the desired effect; I'm certainly not laughing!) Here's 5 misrepresentation of IBD that I've spotted in the media recently...
People are raising awareness for Crohn's Disease And Colitis Awareness Week by posting their experience to social media, using
When people learn about my love of Indian food but that I have ulcerative colitis, the first thing I am always asked is: "What about spicy food? How can you still eat it?" Well, because everyone is different, we can all tolerate different levels of heat and spice.
I worked on my quads before IOW in preparation for squatting (that's a complete lie). You will want to avoid any kind of physical contact with the toilet seat if you can though, so upper-leg strength will be beneficial. Having a vivid imagination also helps, as it will distract from the sights and smells which surround you.
I made him leave the room when the nurses would come to change my bag, with my mum guarding the door until she'd finished. I made sure not to take my top off around him or expose my stomach. I was certain that in order to still be pretty to him i'd have to be fully clothed at all time.
It may be enough to crush a person's dreams, but Blake Beckford didn't let a debilitating health condition, ulcerative colitis
First former model and Crohn's disease sufferer Bethany Townsend proudly showed off her colostomy bag wearing a bikini, then
Beckford had a sub-total colectomy in October last year The father-of-one had a sub-total colectomy, meaning his entire colon
Darren Fletcher has revealed he could not leave his house as he battled to overcome illness. For more than two years, the