Campaigners have tried to occupy the grounds of Westminster Abbey in protest against the Government's decision to axe a fund
Six months after Lou Reed's passing, the inevitable musical tributes still pour in. In New York, there had been a bunch of concerts, and now the first recorded releases are available, including Joseph Arthur's simply put, Lou (Vanguard), which he performed in its entirety at Manhattan's City Winery, along with another dozen or so of his own songs.
A number of HSBC branches across the UK closed "as a precaution" on Saturday after demonstrators from a direct action group
We inhabit an odd country. A country happy to embrace people who strive for freedom and democracy abroad, even if they employ violent methods as well as peaceful ones. Britain has gleefully supported the Arab spring, the protests in Iran, Pussy Riot in Russia and detained Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.
A large group of police officers in Trafalgar Square, London, during the Poll Tax riot, 31st March 1990 UK Uncut members
Hundreds of anti-cuts activists have delivered "eviction notices" to the homes of Lord Freud and Iain Duncan-Smith, in civil
A party celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death - first organised nine years ago - could see hundreds of ex-miners, activists
Making Ding Dong number one in the UK charts may seem childish, sure. But it also helps combat the revisionist narrative played across UK media. And it follows in proper punk tradition. It's a small, creative way to force the media to acknowledge Britons dislike for policies that have crushed the country.
Coffee chain Starbucks was today hit by protests at branches across the country over its tax arrangements, despite announcing
Activist group UK Uncut are still planning to protest against Starbucks on Saturday, despite the coffee chain announcing