Underage Drinking

'Teachers in a 'drunken brawl' on school trip to Barcelona'. That was the headline that I returned to when emerging from a detox retreat (my partner chose not to tell me the 'news' until my 'quiet time' was over to avoid any disruption to my focus on mental and emotional peace!).
The front door is left open for anyone who wants to wander in and pass judgement. Your antics are recorded for posterity, so not only are your housemates able to watch your Spice Girls dance, but anyone who will ever know you could see it, too. Your beliefs, views, and actions are broadcast not just to those closest to you, but potentially to colleagues, strangers and even the police.
When there is no age limit on buying music magazines, or downloading songs, it seems ridiculous that young teens are missing out on being true music fans and seeing their favourite bands at their local venue.
Young people in the UK are more likely to have been drunk by the age of 13 than those in almost any other country, according
Teens are forgoing drink, drugs and smoking for more wholesome pursuits and healthier lifestyles, new research suggests. But
Football has been making the headlines lately. Chelsea thrashed Tottenham 5-1 last Sunday, not sure how the blues will get on playing my team, Liverpool, in the FA Cup final, but I'm definitely rooting for the reds.
Young people should be educated on the dangers of alcohol abuse when they attend sexual health clinics, experts have said
Ministers charged with delivering the Olympic Games have vowed to protect young people from binge drinking. Department for
Primary school pupils will be given lessons on the dangers of alcohol abuse in a new attempt to combat the prevalent binge
Children as young as 12 are drinking the equivalent of 19 glasses of wine a week, a report has found. A study by the Schools